Yes, buyers fall in love with homes but they have three criteria for selecting the one they ultimately buy – price, condition, and location. Play these up to get your home sold quickly and for the best terms.

Make the price attractive: Don’t price your home where you think it should be but instead, price it close to or slightly below market value. This strategy gives buyers the opportunity to compete for your home, and it could possibly sell above list price.

Make the condition move-in ready: Keep in mind that many buyers are stretching their financial limits to afford your home. Buyer’s pet peeves are usually easy items to fix, but you don’t want your house to be disregarded because you failed to paint, mow, replace the carpet, fix leaky faucets, etc. Your goal is to make buyers feel like they don’t have to do anything but move in.

Make the most of your location: You can’t do much about your home’s location but you can make your home more attractive with lovely landscaping, fences to block out ugly views and sounds, and an outdoor entertaining area. If your home is on a busy street, point out the easy access to amenities, like walking to the grocery store.

If these three criteria aren’t in alignment, definitely don’t want to overprice. People expect to pay more for a great location next to schools, transportation, shopping and restaurants but if you overprice, they will scrutinize the location and the condition more closely.