Denmark and Norway are the happiest countries in the world. They offer stunning natural beauty, legendary winter sports and small populations. It’s no coincidence that both countries have the same word for a happy lifestyle: – hygge.

Hygge, pronounced "hoo-ga," is a term that has no English equivalent but is best translated as the enjoyment of living in a simple, convivial way. According to idea magnet Pinterest, hygge is also one of the biggest home design trends for 2017. Here are a few ways to achieve your own hygge:

Simple, cozy decor. Think about adding hand-hewn wood furniture, wool rugs, wildflowers in a plain vase, candles for atmosphere instead of dimmers, handknit throws on the couch, and pottery mugs for coffee and tea.

Unplug. Take an evening off from all electronics. Get comfortable and read a book, practice your drawing, work a puzzle or update your journal.

Entertain at home. Hygge is enjoying family and friends. Instead of meeting at a restaurant, arrange an evening of cooking all together followed by a game of cards, a board game, or an acoustic guitar serenade.

Enjoy making something. In arctic villages, everyone has a valuable skill. They hunt and fish, make furniture and pottery, and sew clothing. Learn an ancient art, like woodcarving, oil painting, weaving, glass-blowing, or embroidery.

Celebrate nature. Take a stroll in a beautiful park. Look at the trees and see if you can spot birds or squirrels. Picnic by a lake and watch the sun dance on the water.